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is the Ultimate Force for

Personal Transformation

And unlocking its power is the key to "Self-Creation" 

...the process of establishing an active, face-to-face relationship with your Higher Self

so you may take charge of your own destiny.


As you empower the amazing creator hidden within, all that is dormant within you begins to manifest in your life, like flowering fruit from your tree of life. 

And the burning dreams and desires locked deep within ~ the unwritten books, the imagined paintings, the love you have been seeking all your life - are free to rise out of the ashes like a phoenix. 

The Self-Creation Process Brings You

Face-to-Face with Your Higher-Self.

You have many untapped resources lying dormant within you ~ 

unexpressed dreams, hidden talents, amazing abilities!And as we speak, they await your command in the realm of your Higher-Self.

You still hold the embers of childhood hopes and inspiration glowing within your being...

To unlock your dormant potential you must first understand the power of your own creativity, and then use it to create an inspired new blueprint for your dreams, in partnership with your

Higher-Self.  It's never too late!

In my book, I'll guide you through how to access the natural creativity you possess.

I'll help you identify unique aspects of yourself that remain untapped and unexpressed - so you can begin living up to your full creative and human potential.

I will help you become one with the creative inner being that is your Higher-Self.

One Golden Key at a time ~ you will heal the past, and we will cross the bridge of personal transformation together. 


On this journey, you can lay your burdens down

one at a time. Your pain. Your past. Your fears. 

Your creativity is your power in the world...and when you unlock it,

 miracles happen!

And as you free yourself from the shadows of your past, we will unleash the joy and passion that have

remained dormant within you for so long.

Through gaining access to your Higher-Self, you will forever possess the tools and wisdom you need to create the joyous, passionate, peaceful and happy life you were meant to live.

You want to become your best you, 

living an amazingly happy life that you love.

You've just found a great place to start.


  • discover the powerful secret relationship that exists between creativity and happiness - and learn how to use it

  • Learn about The  Pratt Theories that demonstrate how to use your creativity to create the happy life you're meant to live

  • Discover yourself in the 100 Golden Keys mini-chapters as each key explores one aspect of creating a happy life

  • use easy-to-understand tools to deal with conflict resolution, letting go of the past, creating the life you want to live,  integrating loved ones into your new life as your higher self - and more 


  • Enjoy 10 quick Transformational Exercises to help you identify false, negative and outdated beliefs that are holding you back

  • Transform your life with 10 in-depth Transformational Workshops that guide you through creating your happy life 

  • gain Access to one personal email to Mia to ask any question you wish, and receive a personal reply


  • receive A 25% discount on private self-creation sessions with Mia by phone or Skype from the Center for Creative Being in Ajijic, Mexico

here are just a few reasons to buy

the secrets of the

100 golden keys...

Who Is Your



It's that powerful, creative aspect
of your inner being that fuels your dreams and directs your destiny ~ the steward of your wisdom, power and enlightenment.

So what's the secret to letting
go of what isn't working and creating a more passionate, balanced and happy life?